Encounters Checklist

Being stopped by the police can occur anywhere, any time, when least expected. That’s why it’s very important to know your rights as a citizen regarding interaction with law enforcement officers. In this article we will discuss 10 basic rules for dealing with police encounters:

Don’t get angry. Always keep your cool and be calm.
Don’t tell them that you know your rights, acting semi-naive is best.
Don’t answer trick questions like “Do you know why I stopped you?”, you DO NOT know.
Don’t agree to a search, EVER.
Don’t just wait, ask “am I free to go?”
Don’t get tricked by threats, cops can and do lie.
Don’t admit anything. Remain silent instead.
Don’t let them in without a warrant.
Don’t Be Rude or Uncooperative.
Don’t answer questions without a lawyer, their misconduct can always be challenged in court.

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