10 Rules to Follow

1) Always ask “Am I free to leave?”
2) If you are free to leave, THEN LEAVE!
3) If you are not free to leave, then ask “Am I being detained?”
4) If the answer is in the affirmative (and you are being detained), then ask “Am I under arrest?”
5) If you are being detained or are under arrest, YOU WILL REMAIN SILENT!
6) You will choose to refuse all searches (including field sobriety exercises, breath, blood tests, etc.).
7) You will request to see any search warrant claimed to be procured.
8) You will invoke your right to an attorney (clearly, and unequivocally).
9) You will be polite, but firm, and under no circumstances will you fall victim to police intimidation or deception.
10) You will record the entire encounter (while being polite and respectful when doing so.

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